Set of 6 Egyptian Glasses


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Product Description

20 years ago, the Cartouche glasses were designed as a fresh take on the tea glasses of the Middle East and were decorated with gold-based lustre colours of the highest quality. The jewel-like glasses are a delightful way of offering cool sherbets, even just water, and makes a perfect gift combining beauty with practicality. Cartouche is a French word meaning gun cartridge. It was coined by Napoleons soldiers to describe the oblong bands around the names of Egyptian pharaohs. Material: Glassware with decals and 24 carat gold detailing.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: Dia: 6.3cm Ht: 12.7cm (Dia. 2.5” Ht. 5”) Capacity: 255 ml
  • Design by Good Earth
  • Delivery from countries globally is within 12-14 business days. Duties are additional and need to be paid to the shipping company at the time of delivery
  • Returns only possible on special request since each piece is handcrafted by an artisan painstakingly for each order.