Set of 8 Pinot Grigio & Chardonney Wine Glasses


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Product Description

The Vie Stemware Collection brings a contemporary flare to classic wine glasses with their oversized body and flat foot. The slender design of the Vie Pinot Grigio Glass, coupled with the narrow opening, preserves the chill and holds the delicate aroma, enhancing the drinking experience of this light, crisp, white wine. The broad, shallow bowl and wide mouth of the Vie Chardonnay Glass promote oxidation, which brings out the complex, strong flavors and aromas of this popular wine.

This set includes: 4 Pinot Grigio Glasses, 4 Chardonnay Glasses

Product Details

  • Made of Glass
  • Pinot Grigio Glasses: 3.5” D x 10” H; 20 oz., each
  • Chardonnay Glasses: 3.5” D x 9” H; 18 oz., each
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Nambe

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