I See You Sculpture, Collector's Item


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“Yes, I see you. All of you. I don’t want to be careless. You should feel it in your heart – that I see you and that I understand.”

In the eighties, Swedish glass artist Bertil Vallien created the first Brains – the head, which has become one of his most prominent symbols. Since then, he has made a variety of ‘individuals’ and new expressions that he views as meditative anti-stress objects for both the hand and the eye. I See You is colored with powder pigment and has details in real silver. The unique object is handmade at Kosta Glassworks in Sweden. I See You includes a velvet bag and an exclusive gift box.

• H: 2.95 W: 2.17
• Real Silver Leaves 
• Handmade in Kosta, Sweden