2 Piece Wakasa Chopsticks


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These Wakasa lacquer chopsticks have a unique shape and depict a weeping cherry blossom hanging from a branch. Although they are made of natural wood, they are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean and care. Red is 21cm/8.2in and blue is 23cm/9in. Please choose the one you prefer according to your hand size. It is made by Ishida, which has been making Wakasa lacquerware for more than eighty years. Wakasa lacquerware is a traditional craft of Obama, Fukui Prefecture that has been around since the early Edo period. The chopsticks are comfortable to hold and easy to use, and are recommended for daily use.

  • Dimension: [Red] 20.5cm/8.1in or [Blue]23cm/9in
  • Material: Wood- Wakasa Lacquerware
  • Coating: Urethane resin
  • Origin: Made in Japan