Ming Gaiwan for Brewing Tea


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Product description

Handmade gaiwan by master Izutsu Toshihiko from the Tsukiyomi Kiln. Tsukiyomi means "watching the moonlit night sky", while "tenkū" means heavenly sky. This beautiful gaiwan recalls both. The glaze is unique and impressively versatile, the deep browns and blues and a little bit of gold are always glowing, sometimes dark, sometimes bright. Always changing under different lights. Yuteki Tenmoku glaze got its name from a remote Chinese temple it was first used, on the Tianmu (Tenmoku in Japanese and Heaven's Eye in English) Mountain. From the 13th century, monks in this temple drank their tea from tea bowls glazed with a special technique called yuteki (literally meaning “oil drop”). Tenmoku glazes can range in color and pattern, which makes every glazed piece unique with the impression of randomness, which has both aesthetic and philosophical appeal to the Japanese.

Product Details

  • Capacity: 100 ml / 3.38 fl oz (80% full capacity without tea leaves, ± 10 ml)
  • Dimensions: ø 9.1 cm, H: 8.8 cm (± 0.2 cm)
  • Delivery from Asia is within 12-14 business days. Duties & Taxes are additional and need to be paid to the shipping company at the time of delivery
  • Returns only possible on special request since each piece is handcrafted by an artisan painstakingly for each order.